June Adventures

June is the month of Jake and celebrating him as he turns another year older, celebrate our 8 years of wedding bliss, and celebrating what a great day he is!  Take a look at our fun adventures!

Waukee had a town celebration called Celebrate Waukee and they had a Amazing Bike Race Waukee style. So like what you see on the tv show you have a partner and have to find destinations based on clues and have to complete challenges before moving on. We grabbed our besties the Eagles and formed husbands vs wife teams and took off. It was an absolute blast and rode 12 miles around Waukee and having to eat hot wings, make a corsage, know down 75 bowling pins, make some kind of boy scout knot and build a fire, and much more. Sadly the boys beat us and won the $250 cash prize, but we all went out for a great dinner and spent their winnings!


Ready to race


making a corsage


cheers to finishing

For Jake’s birthday we last minute decided to take the day off, which was a Monday and go to adventureland with the girls. It was a perfect 75 degree day, no lines for anything, and had so much fun as the girls could go on a lot of the rides. To my surprise Peyton was our adventurous one and loved the trill rides. She rode the galleon about 5 times and even tried out the Outlaw roller coaster and liked it. Kendall on the other hand, preferred the nice little kid rides that went around in a circle and didn’t like the water ones that got her hair wet!


family photo at adventureland


raging river




pink hogs

For Father’s Day we let Jake sleep in for his gift! This does not happen in our house so it was real treat for him! Then we headed up to Ankeny for the afternoon for some family time and fishing.  At Kids Company they celebrated Dad’s with Doughnuts for Dads in the morning and the girls got to give Jake some gifts/crafts that they made.




peyton’s catch



On our anniversary we spent it on the tball field and pizza for dinner! In a few short weeks Jake and I headed to Washington DC for a wedding sans kids. It was our first kidless vacation in 3 years and went 5 days walking walking and more walking exploring the city, trying to figure out the metro, eating some delishious food, and celebrating one of my best friends from high school Jillian her marriage to Stephane. One of the neatest things is that we were out exploring DC when they made the announcement and ruling on marriage equality at the Supreme Court. So we hoped on the metro to the Supreme Court house and it was filled with media everywhere and people celebrating love. The environment was so positive and really cool to witness.


Deb, Jill, and I


Lincoln Memorial


Vietnam Memorial


WWII Memorial


white house


Media frenzy at Supreme Court House for marriage equality ruling


my wedding date


love this girls! Red car gang


Changing of the guard


DC view from Arlington Cemetary


white house selfie

And here are some adorable pictures from family pictures!

028 087 1620528_971815926183012_4266010688306993284_n 10404266_971815836183021_2318289699931924526_n 10989175_971816589516279_1724416703675525418_n 11214121_971816189516319_2183837139559863543_n 11401041_971817002849571_4065599341984501649_n 11407311_971816149516323_666719439607201860_n 11425810_971816766182928_975691226604339236_n 11429719_971816772849594_1323482260091627503_n

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