Quaters, T-ball, and Underwear

Not that June was busy enough, we threw in some big moments and scares in there as well.

First up Quarters…..all probably thinking why is she posting about quarters, well let me tell you. My kid (Peyton swallowed one, yup you can’t make this stuff up!) It was a Saturday night and Peyton all of a sudden came over screaming and jumping up and down. We knew that she was messing around on the reclining chair and had some pretzels with her. She wouldn’t tell us what happened because she was screaming and flailing her arms around, but she was breathing, it was bed time so we sent her off to sleep after she calmed down. We were thinking either she bruised her collarbone or got a pretzel stuck. The next day (family pictures) she would randomly rub her chest and say her throat hurt throughout the day and we were concerned and were about to take her into urgent care but then she went and ran around with the neighborhood girls for a few hours with no complaints so we didn’t take her in.

Come Monday morning she ate breakfast normally, and went off to school. I got a call around noon that she was saying her chest hurt and that she had worked herself up and threw up. So we came and got her and decided to take her into urgent care. We got right in checked her out and said that her throat was a bit red but she may have just scratched it. So we load up into the car and drive home. As we pull into the driveway this is the conversation that took place…
P “Mommy, I swallowed a quarter
E “you what?”
P “I swallowed a quarter”
E “oh really, so when did you do that?”
P “When Nana and Papa were here” (Saturday)
E no words came out but my thoughts where “holy s%#!, what the hell.

I immediately called back to urgent care and told them that we were just there but it wasn’t a pretzel my daughter swallowed but a quarter. They had us come right back in for x-rays. We went and got x-rays taken and were sitting in the room when the doctor popped her head in and asked us what hospital we wanted to go down to because there was a quarter stuck in her throat, right in her trachea.

I call Jake who was home with Kendall to meet us at the hospital, so he frantically dropped Kendall off at the neighbors and met us down there. Everyone at the pediatric ER was wonderful and did a great job of keeping Peyton’s nerves at bay and making her comfortable. They ended up giving her this drug up her nose to make her loopy before they gave her the IV and put her under. Whatever the drug was it was a miracle, as she was giggly, cracking jokes, and even said that she loved the hospital as they were putting in her IV. If you ever wanted to know what a drunk 4 year old would look like, this drug did just that.

Put they put her under but not full sedation and went in by scope and removed the quarter. It look about 10 minutes and so lucky and grateful that everything went smoothly and she didn’t have an infection and wouldn’t have to spend the night and we could go home in a few hours.

It was a whirlwind of an evening and I get sick thinking about the what if’s and if she would have coughed and the quartered moved…ugh. Someone was watching over her. The doctor couldn’t believe she wasn’t in more pain, and that she didn’t have trouble breathing, or wasn’t drooling. Girl’s got some pain tolerance.


Yes that is the quarter is her throat.


The quarter came home as a souvenir and a reminder we don’t put anything in our mouth.

Peyton’s weekday nights have been filled with tumbling, swimming lessons, and softball. She has been looking forward to softball since this winter and it finally is here. We teamed her up with her bff’s Georgia and Hannah and they took to the field each Tuesday evening. Jake coached the all girls team and I would have to say they did pretty well. Peyton preferred hitting over defense but when she got to be in the pitcher position and actually got the ball, she loved it.




teammates and bff’s


up to bat

Peyton has been on the go the beginning this summer, when not in activities you can find her zooming around the neighborhood on her scooter. We can’t get her off of that thing. At school they take a break from regular school year stuff and have field trips 3 times a week. I have been able to sneak out of work and join her in a few of htem.


lunch date


Swinging w/ her teacher, Miss Rebecca

And now Kendall….We have had some BIG milestones with her and that being she is potty trained! It stressed me out thinking about potty training this one because if she doesn’t want to do something hell or high water she won’t. So I figured she would be 5 and in diapers! But one day she threw a fit (insert strong will child) because she didn’t want to wear a diaper. There was no way she was going to lay there and get it put on. I wasn’t going to fight her so I told her no diaper then she has to pee pee in the potty. And guess what….no accidents! She went almost a whole week without wetting her underwear. I couldn’t believe it, she just decided it was time and did it. We didn’t really work on potty training at all before it either. And a few weeks later she understand the poop and has been going both in the potty! I thought Peyton was easy but she may have taken the crown on this one. Ahhh no more diapers (expect bed) but I am one happy Mommy!!!




undies…this is how you can find her running around this summer

Kendall has spend the summer running after the big girls and wanting to do everything that they do. Go down the big slide, ride her scooter like them, swim with them. Her and our neighbor Alexia are 3 weeks apart and are two peas in a pod. They go everywhere and do everything together including their favorite activity, sneaking in the pantry and getting snacks.


mowing with Daddy


splash pad smiles

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