A Letter to my 5 year old- Peyton


My dearest Peyton,

Today you are 5! No longer my baby but you will always be. You are a full-fledged little girl now. You have been waiting for this day for a long time and when you woke up on your birthday you asked me if you were really 5 and not just almost 5! This is the most excited I have seen you about a birthday!

Do you see this smile? This smile lights up my day, everyday. You have such a pure heart. You love to see other people happy. I love to see you happy. You get so excited about simple things that sometimes it makes me pause to think about life and what it really means. You love donuts and cereal. You tumbling in the yard and riding you scooter. Stay at home days are your favorite days of the week. You like to clean pull off all of the pillows and cushions off of the couch and having a pillow jumping party in the living room. You love watching random YouTube videos on the iPad. Doing crafts is one of your favorite things and you are in your element with the kitchen table filled with markers, papers, glue, glitter, stickers and etc.

Scooting around the neighborhood playing with all of your friends is the highlight of your day. We are barely pulled into the driveway and you are scoping out who is outside playing. You are in your last year of Preschool and you love going to Kids Company each day. You became boy crazy this year and say that you have 8 boyfriends and kissed one of them in the tunnel at the school playground. You are doing amazing things. You are starting to recognize words and their sounds. You love to write on the whiteboard and spelling words. You will write notes to your friends and family. We love watching you learn and grow up.

You are a wonderful big sister and the two of you are so close and it makes me a little teary to see you playing together. You teach Kendall about the newest toys, her shapes and colors, how to do flips, and all about Taylor Swift and how to do the whip and nae nae. You have your fair share of fights too, but that is what sisters are for!

You are a night owl. If we would let you stay up until 10pm every night you would. You love to read books in bed, snuggle with your bunny, and sing songs before you finally close you eyes and drift off.

I love you so much Peyton. I think about that day 5 years ago when you were born. You changed my life for the better and I’m so happy I’m your mom.



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