Party like it’s your 5th Birthday

instead of birth”day” it was more like birth”week” for Peyton and turning the big 5 and she loved every minute and cupcake of it!  We started the celebration with a friend party swimming at the Y.  So what does a 5 year old want for her birthday?  Shopkins, legos, shopkins, oh and did I mention shopkins? 🙂


Scooter fun!


splish splash


gym time fun

The rest of the weekend was spent with family celebrating and also had to celebrate another special Mom’s (Peyton’s birthday buddy).  She turned the big 6-0 but she is amazing and doesn’t look a day over 40 and so glad we could celebrate her.




Ice cream for one….tequila for the other


make a wish sweet girl

On Monday Peyton’s actually birthday she had a birthday celebration at school and then afterwards went out for a family bowling outing.

067 068 070 073

To wrap up the birthday week was my gift to her…tickets to the Taylor Swift concert! She has been in love with Tswift and her songs and couldn’t wait to take her to her first concert. She watched it so intensely singing along to almost every word and even getting up to shake it off! Watching her watch the concert was one of my favorite things and it was THE best concert I have been to. I’m officially a fan!

Got our tickets

Got our tickets

tour bus

tour bus

found our seats

found our seats

ready for it to begin

ready for it to begin


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