Saying goodbye

It has been 2 months to the day since the passing of my father-in-law Al and has taken me a long time to write this blog post.  A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him or there are small reminders that he is still around.  Seeing his shoes that Jake now wears by the door, the t-shirt pillows in the girls room, the blue cheese in our refrigerator.
Al was a loving and devoted husband, father, and grandpa.  He had an electrifying energy when he came into a room, and a hardworking man whether for the city, manicuring his perfect lawn, or throwing balls for Jake at batting practice.
He treated me like a daughter from day one when I met them at GNC while visiting Jake.  He was kind, lovable, so interested and invested in our conversations.  He gave tough love and advice but was one of my biggest cheerleaders.  We would spend time on the golf course together riding in the cart heckling Jake as we both beat him, preparing and running with Al in his first 5K and laughing as he would burn EVERY meal on the grill until he got a thermometer that would beep at him when it was done.  But one of my favorite memories was you would say to me “You are a good Mom to those little girls.”  I will always be thankful for saying that as he was the kind of man who didn’t say anything unless he really meant it. A few nights ago Kendall was talking on her pretend phone and I asked her who she was talking to, she say “I’m talking to Grandpa”.
Al was a good man, loved and respected by so many as it was proven at his visitation as the line was flooding out the door and people waiting in a 2+ hour wait.  We are going to miss him very much and are grateful for the 2 years we had with his post diagnosis that were filled with extra special memories.
I owe this man a debt of gratitude, for raising such a good man to be my husband.  I’m proud and thankful to be his daughter-in-law.

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