A letter to my 3 year old-Kendall


Happy Birthday to one of my favorite little girls in the world.  I blinked and you somehow turned 3.  I am not ready for you to grow up so quickly.  You will forever be my baby no matter how old you get.  I will still rock you and hold you like a baby as long as you let me.

You are quite the diva and are so opinionated and independent, all we hear is “I Do it”. You like to push the boundaries and see how far you can go and yes that does mean running out of the store at the mall or behind the counter at HyVee.  You will pick on your big sister until she has had enoug.  You will sneak out of bed a million times a night just to get one last bedtime hug and kiss.  You like to pick out your clothes each morning and if I would let you, you would wear pajamas all day.


You love to be noisy, whether it’s your singing, yelling, or your beautiful humming you always make yourself present!  You will turn on the microphone full blast and sing 5 little monkeys, twinkle twinkle little star, and my favorite Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood and Wildest Dreams. You crack us up daily with your quirky dance moves, comical facial expressions and hilarious conversations.  Man…you can have some great conversations!


You are beginning to love school.  There were several months you would cry at drop off but you not go running in an find your friends. You talk about your friends all the time and constantly want to have them over for play dates especially Khloe.  You also want to be a teacher…you reenact your entire school day at home, doing circle time, giving everyone their jobs, and nap time with us.  You do a great impression of your teacher Miss Nina and will tell us the school rules “listen to your teacher!” “No touching your friends!”.

You are super duper sweet.  You are an amazing hugger.  I love at night time when we lay down together and you tell me to lay down and then you just wrap your little arm around my neck and pull me close so that our faces are touch, squeezing me as tight as you can.  It’s the perfect end to the day.  I also love when you grab my cheeks and pull me close and say “I love you so so much” and then plant a big ole kiss on my lips.  You know how to melt my heart.

Your favorite things right now are playing with your babies, especially changing their diapers, Peppa Pig, Dora, legos, playing board games, the iPad, tumbing, and crafts…all types of messy crafts (courtesy of Peyton).  You also really LOVE Peyton and I know the feeling is mutual.  You want to do whatever she is doing…you want to play whatever she is playing with.  Sometimes you guys play so well together and sometimes not so much.  And I get that.  I don’t expect you guys to get along perfectly all the time.  You need to give her some space and you need to learn to respect her stuff…that means he is not a fan when you her toys or craft and ruin it.  But when she gets mad at you for breaking her stuff, I love that you are always willing to try and fix it.  You want to please her and make her happy…..most of the time.


You can have quite the attitude from time to time.  I tend to say that I have my hands full with you, but I honestly can’t imagine it any other way.  You are absolutely perfect to me and I love your sass, your confidence, your compassion, your strong will, your imagination and your cuddle bug love.  You fully experience life.  You are all in.  You live each day to the absolute fullest.

I could not have dreamed the complete and utter joy I feel in having a second daughter. What a blessing and a complete gift you have been to our family.  I don’t know exactly how these things work; if you chose me or I chose you, or if it’s all simply chance, but I do know, whatever it was, it got things exactly right.  You were the perfect addition to this family.

I love you to the moon and back!

You turn 3 today!!!!  Go get ’em baby girl.  Show the world what you are all about.



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