Holiday Happenings

Did the holidays seem to come and go in a blur to everyone?  Well it did here and that is what I am going to blog about it…..2 months later!  Do you see a theme with me and blog posts…
We hosted Thanksgiving at our house with the entire family on both sides and thank you to HyVee for the fabulous catered Thanksgiving meal!  See Jake I were packing up to head to Mexico at 4am that next morning and the last thing I wanted was to be cooking and then the never ending task of cleaning.  We wanted to enjoy family time so as I do with all of my groceries I got on my computer ordered HyVee online, picked up the next day, reheated, and ate what was seriously an awesome meal.  Who doesn’t love HyVee?!?  It was exactly what Thanksgiving should be…spending time with family and being thankful for everything you have.  There were plenty of moments throughout the day I was able to sit back and take it all in.

Early the next morning the alarm went off and Jake and I were off to Mexico (not without some delays and flight switching due to weather) to celebrate Sharp’s wedding. We met a group of 10 other couples down that were all Ankeny boys and the wives and to sum it up it was Spring Break 30 year old style.  It was like groundhogs day for 5 days straight, wake up way to early, go to the pool, start drinking at 10 when the swim up bar opened, eat too much food at the buffet, and then go to bed by 8 drunk, full, and burnt. It was so much fun, so needed, and the wedding was beautiful!
I love Christmas and felt like we celebrated it for 2 weeks straight which was perfectly fine with me.  With switching to a new job I didn’t get to take off as much time as I would have liked but the time off and spent with Jake and the girls and family was fun.  The girls are at a fun age that they get it and are genuinely excited.  I love seeing the magic in and through their eyes. Every morning they would run down and find Susie and see what she had been up to the night before, there were ohhs and ahh as we passed Santa at the mall, and had to drive by every house that would have lights or blow ups on.  We would drive by this house in our neighborhood with a million lights and blow ups in the front yard and creep by driving 3mph on a daily basis.
We got to spend time with each side of the family, laughing, drinking, kids running everything and getting a million presents that I need to find a spot for.  I love sitting and taking it all in and think how blessed we are with a great life and family.  It truly is a magical time of the year.

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