Party like it’s my 3rd birthday

Turning 3 doesn’t come without a party with your friends and family!  For weeks Kendall leading up to February 1st, Kendall had been asking if she was 3 just about every day.  And each day we told her that she has so many weeks or days left.  She was so excited about turning the big 3!  And of course as it got closer she would ask “Is it my birthday party yet?”  We spent what seemed like an hour at the Costco Bakery section deciding on what she wanted on her cake, finally she decided on the colorful caterpillar.

For her birthday party we invited our close friends and family to Rainbow Play Systems for 2 hours of kids running around swing, sliding, climbing, and jumping on all of the outdoor play sets they have.  After a short break of too many presents in which half which included a common theme of Peppa Pig (Kendall loves her some British pig!), loaded the kids back up with sugar, and let them continue to play and giggle.


The weekend birthday festivities continued as Kendall shares her birthday with 2 special guys in her life, her Papa and cousin Wyatt.  So there was much more cake, singing happy birthday, and celebrating happening the rest of the weekend.


Finally on Monday, February 1st, Kendall was officially 3!  We started the morning off with some sprinkle pancakes, I went and ate lunch with her at school which was super fun and she was so excited for me to sit and eat with her, and then some more happy birthday, pizza (her favorite food), and cake that night.  With turning 3, Kendall now gets to participate in tumbling.  For a year she has sat in the waiting room with me while Peyton got to go in.  I had always said when you turn 3 it’s your turn.  A few days later, on tumbling night she picked out her leotard and ran into the room letting the teachers and everyone else know that she was 3!




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