Blog….let’s try this relationship again

Dear Blog…Let me introduce myself.  I’m Erin your editor who took a 5 month breakup from you.  But I am willing to give this blogging relationship another try.  So where did we leave off oh yes it was Easter.

Since March this is what has happened….

Both girls got their ears pierced.  Kendall had been begging us for weeks to do it and we thought she was just going to drop it but she never did so one night into Claire’s we went.  It wasn’t a matter of only a few days later that Peyton wanted to get hers done so back in we went.  Can someone please tell me when ear piercing got so expensive…over $50/kid!

Both girls tumbled their little hearts out at the Adel Tumbling Meet.  It was Kendall’s first time and she was the youngest one there doing her flips and Peyton took home a first place trophy in her age group.

There were running races and crossfit competitions

Diploma’s and goodbyes at preschool graduation.

Homerun hits

Swimsuits was ice cream mouths were the fashion styles of the summer.

Red White and Booze celebration

A trip to Omaha…..


and the lake with friends


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