For Peyton as you start Kindergarten


The first day of Kindergarten, August 23rd, 2016. Your backpack was packed, your new lunch box is set to go, your orange circle around your neck with Ms. Bruening’s name and your bus number, and your About Me Star homework in your folder ready to be turned in.   In a way, it feels like it took forever for this day to get here, but in another, I can’t believe you  are starting school.

I watched you get on that school bus that first day and while though you had jitters and were very nervous before hand the second the bus pulled up your smile came through and you ran and skipped your way onto the bus.  I was anxious all day to wait for you to get off the bus for that first day and hear all about your day!

First day of school breakfast was a tradition my Dad (Papa) did with me from kindergarten through my senior year in college and something that I wanted to pass along.  This meal is one of my best memories of my childhood.  While the first day nervous tummy made you loose your appetite, day 2 of kindergarten was just as great of a day to enjoy some extra large chocolate chip pancakes at HyVee!

Peyton, as you start school I hope your excitement doesn’t wane. Your curiosity is going to get you so far and help you move past things that may seem scary. I just hope you continue to meet new friends, feel comfortable,and grow your confidence. You are a smart, smiley, friendly, and bright girl, so go dream big little girl!

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