A letter to my 6 year old- Peyton



Today you are six.  I knew this day would come but it’s here quicker than I ever imagined.  That happens with most moments in this life – especially the good ones.  You’re one of the great ones.

You’re growing up to be such a loving, kind, beautiful and funny girl.  Gosh you make me laugh. You don’t let everyone see your silly side but it’s one of the things that I love about you. Laughter will take you far in this life.  You’re sensitive, too and cry easily when you are nervous, have to do something new, or when feelings get hurt.  You drive me crazy when you’re sassy or whiney.  I think we share that trait, too.

I cherish our late night talks because that is when you will finally talk and tell me stories.  It’s such a treat to lie beside you in your messy bedroom (yes I see the collection under the bed) and talk about the day’s events.  It used to be me reading you books but now you will read me books.  I hope these talks and nights snuggling together never end.

You love to play softball (and you got aggressive this past year going after those ground balls), tumbled your way to a first play in the gymnastic meet and can now swim the length of the pool.  Your training wheels are off of your bike and you speed around the cul-de-sac on your scooter.  We practically have to drag you in the house grumbling each night as you love playing with your neighborhood friends.  My phone camera roll is filled to the max with selfies you have taken and videos you have made.  You recently told me that you want your own youtube channel.  I have stepped on too many Shopkins to which you know each and every one of their names.  I have endless amounts of envelops filled with letters and pictures you have written and drawn for me.  After watching your little sister get her ears pierced you marched into Claire’s and wanted your done too.  Though we never see them as your hair is always down as you refuse to wear a ponytail!

Peyton, my love for you has no boundaries.  It is limitless and grows stronger each day.  You are a blessing to me now and forever.  As you grow, I hope you’ll know just how honored I am to be your Mom.

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