Happy Hallo-Giving & Fall Frolics

It’s hard to blog with pictures when you phone becomes a victim to Iowa football tailgating and “water” damage, but I did manage to save some.

Let’s start with Halloween…It’s only appropriate to dress up as the hottest toy right now..Shopkins.  In fact our neighborhood girls could have made up a 5 pack with so many of them.  As the girls are getting bigger, Beggars Night is just complete chaos, they took off and there was no catching up with them as they sprinted from house to house.

Peyton lost not only her first tooth, but her second on the same day!  We were laying in bed and she all of sudden jumps up screaming with excitement she had lost her tooth.  It wasn’t only a few hours later, she comes running in from outside playing with her second one gone.

Speaking of the Iowa Football game, the adults got to sneak away for the day/night and watch one of THEY best Iowa games with a last minute field goal to beat Michigan which ended with us storming the field.  I think we were all reminded quickly the next morning that we are no longer in our 20s.

Not all was happy this fall.  We sadly had to put down our fur baby Jackson.  He was 11 years old and in the few weeks prior his health all of sudden significantly declined. Jake and I had gotten him before our senior year in college (much to our parent’s dismay).  He was the most loving puppy and the reason we choose him was because of his endless kisses.  He may have gotten demoted as the girls came along, barked too much when he was excited, and shed ALL over which drove me nuts but he made us “us” before it was official, and there is a quiet void in our home without him.

Thanksgiving is a time that is full of fun traditions and things to do (though they all seem to revolve around Christmas).  We spend our long 4 day holiday weekend doing the Festival of Trees, exploring downtown Des Moines which included a DART bus ride, saw Disney on Ice, ate Thanksgiving food until I miserable, caught the newest Dinsney movie Moana.

A new yearly tradition started this holiday season, Mom KC shopping weekend. For years we have talked about getting out of town, doing a shit ton of shopping and visiting Ikea, drinking wine all day, and laughing all night.  Well folks it happened!  What we envisioned the trip to be was that and so much more (including a pizza delivery at 1:00am to the hotel).  I love these girls and they are so much more than friends.


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